Monday, December 3, 2012

Multimedia Monday: "Christmas does have the word 'Christ' in it."

Courtesy of MormonNewsroom.orgThe Church launched a Christmas initiative online and in Manhattan this week that centers on Jesus Christ. In New York, the media initiative includes interactive and static billboards, advertising on buses, the Internet and taxicabs.

The Christmas season has officially begun. Even in New York City.
The LDS church's latest initiative in the Big Apple involves directing passers-by and tourists to, where they can be reminded of the true meaning of the season — a celebration of the birth and life of Jesus Christ. Were it not for the Savior of the World, we would have no need to buy presents, invite over Santa, and spend time with our families and loved ones.
When you're planning the office Christmas party, finding the perfect White Elephant gift, or cruising through the madness of Holiday sales and half-price discounts, stop and remember the Reason for the Season.
Jesus Christ lives. He loves us. Let us not forget that right now.

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