Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mormon Blogger in Hot Water

I'm not sure what to think of this next story, but it may be credible enough.

Apparently, a Mormon blogger in Florida is claiming he's been summoned to an LDS church disciplinary council because of posting "his right to free speech" online.

David Twede is the managing editor of, had a date to appear before his Stake President and High Council (the local lay leaders of the church who generally president during disciplinary hearings). The blogger has been in hot water with some Mormons because of his website, which advocates "historical accuracy in our church and how it is being taught to its members and perceived by the media."

Twede has been in hot water before, according to the article, presumably for discussion of non-doctrinal topics and potential flirtations with apostate notions. The fifth-generation Mormon recently returned to full church activity, but he has said his position as editor of the depends on his activity as an active Mormon.

Twede later posted on his website that his disciplinary hearing was cancelled at the final minute, but is expected to be rescheduled soon.

He has also apparently been in trouble before for posting information related to LDS temple ordinances on his site. Official statements from LDS church public affairs are adamant that Twede is not being investigated in council for his political beliefs, which include several anti-Romney sentiments.

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