Thursday, November 12, 2009

Faith in every... faith?

I had an interesting experience regarding religion this week. I know, that seems odd, coming from a prep sports copy editor at a non-Utah-based newspaper. But it happened.

I was interviewing a few volleyball players at a Christian Academy in Las Vegas (at a school that could probably fit inside your local neighborhood WalMart), trying to come up with a good storyline for the upcoming State Volleyball Tournament. The coach and players at this particular school were all "Christians" (which I assume means born-again, but there's no conclusive proof to that assumption), and many of their quotes ended with "glorifying God," or "give thanks to God."

Normally, I feel uncomfortable around this unabashed bearing of one's faith when I know the reaction they would get if I were to do the same thing for Joseph Smith or the Book of Mormon. But this time, it wasn't so bad. I could sense that these girls had a real sense of purpose from knowing God, and trying to be disciples of Jesus Christ. They were trying to follow Him as best they could with the limited knowledge they possessed. How badly I wanted to leave a few Pass-Along Cards, or a free copy of the Book of Mormon at that school!

But I knew the reaction that would get. And I'm not into proselyting like a missionary while I'm on the job. I prefer to share the Gospel with those that I know, and others who are searching for the truth.

Back to the point at hand...

I felt the Spirit in that "Christian Academy." Sure, it wasn't the same measure I feel during Sacrament Meeting, or when I attend the Temple. But those kids really believed what they were taught. And it made them better people. So I'm not going to belittle their beliefs just because I feel that I have something more.

Brigham Young once said that all truth belongs to the Gospel of Jesus Christ as currently constituted in the Church. So these other religions that have a piece of that truth can still rejoice in the Gospel as they know it ... but they can also realize that there is more light and knowledge out there, ready to be accepted.

And for those that wish to accept it, you can start here.


I love the Mormon Messages YouTube channel. This is an older video, but I just re-viewed it, and I was incredibly touched and impressed by the words of true Prophets and Apostles of the Lord, Jesus Christ, in this message. Check it out.


  1. I think it is very arrogant from us mormons to believe we are "withholders of all truth" although we have evidence for such a bold statement. I was raised as a catholic, and much of what i learned in my childhood was reinforced and clarified by Church doctrine. My mother is to me a better example of spirituality and devotion than is my bishop, even with her being a catholic. I know good evangelical people who live high standards with more real intent than many mormons do, being the owners of God's truth. It is impossible to comply with the doctrine of a heaven full of sealed mormons(not trying to be apostate here) when many good people in other faiths live much better lives with much less truth.At the end of it all, i guess it is like
    the mormon kid explains to Stan in South Park: It doesn't matter if the whole book of mormon story is not true, the church helps families be happier and closer... or something like that. I think it can be applied to other faiths, then we wouldn't be bashed as intolerants, at least not all the time

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