Sunday, October 4, 2009

October Conference Goodness

Mormon Tabernacle Choir general conference - October 2009, Saturday morning session.
This past weekend marked my first General Conference viewing from outside of Utah (not counting those two years I spent in Venezuela... what we're they called?... oh yeah, a mission). I couldn't make it to the local meetinghouse to view the satellite broadcasts so most of my weekend was spent sitting on my bed in front of my computer. How is that different than any other weekend? This time, I was watching Conference proceedings on For those who don't know about this site, I would highly recommend it. It provides any programming currently airing or that has aired on BYU Television, and it's absolutely free. Instead of paying cable fees and dues, you can watch it here, with streaming available at about 900 KBS. The quality isn't perfect, but free stuff doesn't usually come packaged in HD.

So here are some of the key notes of each session.

Saturday AM
News: President Monson announced new temples for Brigham City, Utah; Concepcion, Chile; Fortaleza, Brazil; Fort Lauderdale, Fla.; and Sapporo, Japan.
Quote: "Relying on the Spirit means putting your personal knowledge in the backseat. The Lord does not need scriptorians; he needs scripturally-minded Saints." (Richard G. Scott)

Saturday PM
Quote: "When family members are not united in keeping God's commandments, there will be divisions. But those divisions do not detract from our love for each other nor His love for us." (Dallin H. Oaks)
Quote: "Don't exchange your absolute certainty for a doubt. There will always be intellectual crises and issues. But there will likewise always be truth" (Tad R. Callister)

Saturday Night (Priesthood session)
Quote: "It's not enough to just hang out. The Church will need your leadership in the future." (M. Russell Ballard)
Quote: "Retirement is not part of the Lord's plan. 'I've already done that' is not an excuse to avoid work in the church. Such an attitude is not one of a disciple of Christ." (Deiter F. Uchtdorf)

Sunday AM
Quote: "Power and position is not given to man to build him up in fame or prestige; man is made leader to bless and serve others." (Russell M. Nelson)
Quote: "Man's greatest happiness comes from losing himself in the service of others." (David O. McKay, as quoted by Thomas S. Monson)

Sunday PM
Quote: "Joseph and Hyrum were willing to die rather than deny the veracity of the Book of Mormon; no other answer has been able to withstand time like the one Joseph gave as the book's unlearned translator."
"One cannot come to the fullness of this work without a strong testimony of the Book of Mormon." (Jeffrey R. Holland)
Quote: "Rationalizations are an enemy to God and his commands." (Quentin L. Cook)

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